Lirik Lagi Come Alive – Warren Barfield – Judul: Come Alive

What on earth am I missing

What is it that I don’t see

Is their someone somewhere out there

Crying out

Am I truly not noticing

Or just refusing to believe

Do I choose to feed my faithless self

With doubt

All of heaven is falling all around me

And I am drowning in the mystery of Your love

All the universe can’t contain Your beauty

But You come alive in me

You come alive

I’m not flying on angel wings

I’m not swinging from no tree

I got love and hate and the will to change

And choose

I have a smile that You gave me

You have a love that I need

When I’m down, You know just how

To lift my mood

You bring me to life

Yeah it feels just like

I’ve been born again

For the first time, for the first time [end]

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